About Us

Here, at In My Element, we strive to help people achieve their dreams and find their ‘element’. Our motto, ‘endeavor to empower’, is a very important goal we aim to achieve through those who wear our brand. We are a partnership, Blake and Aimee, from Gippsland. We persevere to create a community of people who encourage each other, as well as make people feel confident. For us this means trying hard to achieve our own goals and in doing so helping to empower others in their own goals. Everyone has their own element and helping people to feel confident and share it THAT CONFIDENCE, is our mission. Everyone has the right to be empowered and to empower others. We want our symbol to be a staple in people’s lives and being a reminder that being
yourself and achieving your goals is important. We want people to wear our clothes
proudly, to keep pushing forward in their lives and helping others to do the same!


When you order order, we order them. Up to a 3 week delivery period for the clothes to come (may be a longer time during COVID). We are only in Australia for now!